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CM Frøkasse Prikkepinne (Seed tray dibber)

CM Frøkasse Prikkepinne (Seed tray dibber)

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Frøkasse Prikkepinne (Seed tray dibber)

Finish: Natural oak

Weight: 0.078kg

Dimensions: 20.5 x 5 x 3 cm

This seed tray dibber features a tapered grip with turned pegs spaced 2" (5cm)  apart. The prongs can also be used to rake out drills for sowing rows of small seeds. The flat back of the Seed Tray Dibber lends itself to tamp down compost over the sown seeds. Will work in both standard seeds trays and half-size seed trays. An ideal gift for any keen gardener.

Instruction: Tamp soil with base, rake or prick prongs at required position, sow seeds and cover or tamp down if necessary.        

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