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CM Papirpottemaker (Paper pot press)

CM Papirpottemaker (Paper pot press)

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Papirpottemaker (Paper pot press)

Finish: Oiled beech

Weight: 0.18kg

Dimensions: 14 x 8 x 8 cm

A great way to keep your gardening free from un-sightly plastic trays and pots. Use the press form and crimp strips of newspaper into plant pots. Seedlings can be left in the pots when planting out to avoid disturbing the roots, and the newspaper rots down in moist soil. Growing your own plants from seed is now even more cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Instruction: Instructions: 1. Tear a strip of newspaper 16cm wide and approx. 40 cm long 2. Fold strip in half along the length 3. Roll strip around the press with the folded edge at the top of the cylinder (paper will overhang the bottom of the press) 4. Holding the rolled paper, scrunch the bottom edge and tuck it inwards under the press 5. Align with the base of the press. Push down firmly with a twist to crimp the paper pot base. Slide the pot off the press.

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