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NS 90m Chunky Twine Spools 3 ply (3-trådet) (6-8mm)

NS 90m Chunky Twine Spools 3 ply (3-trådet) (6-8mm)

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90m Chunky Twine Spools 3 ply (3-trådet) (6-8mm)

Nutscene Thick Chunky Twine is a unique product beautifully formed and ideal for jobs requiring a sturdy twine wrapped in retro label straight from the Nutscene Archives.

This Twine is has endless uses in both the home and garden along with being ideal for crafts and projects such as bunting, that require a stronger Twine.

Each Spool is made from a 3ply heavy yarn count (96lb) almost similar to a rope, but much softer.  Each spool is 14.5cm high and contains 90m of twine and weights 1kilo.

Uniquely our Spools of Twine all dispense from the centre making it easier to work with and less likely to unravel.

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