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Burgon & Ball

SC Spade (Spade)

SC Spade (Spade)

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Sophie Conran Spade

This beautiful digging spade is a high performance garden tool, but not at the expense of stylish design. Ideal for gardeners of smaller stature, the spade is slightly smaller and lighter than some others. The T-shaped handle makes it easy and comfortable to use a double-handed grip for added digging power.

The head and socket are made of mirror-polished stainless steel, giving rust resistance and clean movement through the soil. The head is also slightly narrower than that of many other digging spades, making it ideal for digging in densely-planted borders. The narrow profile reduces the spade’s weight and also allows the head to slide through the soil more easily. Plus, of course, the volume of soil removed is also more manageable.

The spade’s handle and shaft are crafted in FSC®-certified ash, a lightweight option, and a beautiful brass plaque on the shaft carries the Sophie Conran for Burgon & Ball logo. For peace of mind, this garden spade carries a ten-year guarantee.

Handle: FSC certified ash

Head: stainless steel

Overall length: 100cm

Maximum width of spade head: 14cm

Width of handle: 15.5cm

Weight: 1.7kg

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