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Haws Watering Cans

HW Vannkanne - "Traditional" (Traditional Watering Can)

HW Vannkanne - "Traditional" (Traditional Watering Can)

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This can is a fusion of designs, blending the style, balance and ergonomics of the Haws Professional watering can with the quintessential aesthetics of a traditional Peter Rabbit style can. The spout is set at a steeper angle to that of the Professional can, making it more compact. Whilst the larger ferrule and large rose keeps the flow rate high to get watering done fast and efficiently. Choose between 198/1 (4.5L) and 198/2 (8.8L)

  • Compact and lightweight design for everyday gardening tasks
  • Made from high quality pre-galvanised steel improving the strength and durability
  • Sealed, treated and then powder coat painted for maximum corrosion protection
  • Supplied with a Brass General Purpose Rose
  • Perfectly balanced
  • Capacity - 4.5  or 8.8 Litres

  • Weight when full - 5/9 kg

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